About Susan E. Eck, Visual Artist


Angela Di Bello, Director of Agora Gallery / Editor-in-Chief of ArtisSpectrum Magazine in New York, NY writes:
"The physical beauty of the landscape as portrayed in your paintings conveys a pathway to spiritual awakening and transcendence. Each painting offers a combination of textural form, vibrant color, and surface so rich as to elevate the work to a realm of purely aesthetic lyricism. Excellent work." 

Martha Turner, Collector of Fine Art in Toronto, Ontario writes: 

"Susan has a unique way to capture and represent on canvas the beauty of our natural environments. Her interpretation brings you into the painting and carries you away to that place. Her technique aligns to the subject matter, allowing the viewer to be fully captivated on all dimensions of the painting. Her water series is nothing short of superb!" 

Elizabeth Gopaul, NY Art Magazine writes: 

"The mood is superbly conveyed and original. Susan's paintings are rich in colour, imagination, and emotion depth". 

2008 Ruthie Tucker, Executive Director- Curator, Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY 10001
Paul Cezanne once mused "When the color achieves richness, the form attains its fullness also." Elegant and emotive, artist Susan Eck's stunning paintings evoke a vast, visionary world of passion and magnificence. Wonderfully rich in hue, her ethereal works are sublime visualizations of a complex, visible realm. Utilizing color to depict emotions, Ms. Eck transcends the limits of physicality in her works, generating contrasting illusions of translucence, opacity, and immateriality, while simultaneously evoking the strata of Earth. 

Ms. Eck's paintings are emotional dreams and personal visions of nature's mystification. They can appear at once to be the most exquisite displays of natural wonderment, or they can be surreal revelations that only a mind's eye as imaginative as Ms. Eck can hope to conjure. The tactile quality of Ms. Eck's work is nothing short of superb. These works live and breathe among us, their surfaces so seemingly peripatetic that one would not be surprised if colors or gestures shifted within the frame when no one is looking. Additionally, Ms. Eck's enormous talent as a colorist permits her to employ a measureless array of tones that mingle with one another constantly across the picture plane. These paintings are thoroughly organic in their colours' mobility, in their indefinite resemblance to Earthly phenomena, and in their enigmatic surface texture. Ms. Eck's brilliant works undeniably position her well within the cannon of contemporary master artists. 

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud and honoured to showcase Ms Eck's stellar works of art. 


I am an Independent Songwriter/Composer.  Music for me is a mirror to my soul.  My compositions I hope bring joy, and inspiration to others.   I create to further develop my inward artistry of self-expression in spoken word, and music.  All  my music albums can be found on ITunes.  

My Professional Associations: 

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), Connect Music Licensing, Canadian Musical  Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA), RE:Sound Royalties, Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC), Access Copyright.

Oil on linen, use of pallet knife and brush strokes

Oil on linen, use of pallet knife and brush strokes

"Delicate Duty " Jazz Music Composition Video

“Delicate Duty” Jazz music video by Susan E. Eck, Songwriter/Composer is her way of expressing her delicate responsibility to those we love.   In times it’s a delicate responsibility to living, to giving back to those we cherish to most in life and that’s their dignity.  A commitment to be there for their aging elder, and or love one's when the times arise.  This rendered the creation of the title and music.  

" I HOPE" Susan E. Eck Songwriter/Composer/Vocals In Spoken

In this musical composition, I endeavor to set a delicate mood. While my heart-felt words express a positive story to create hope within the concept's message. Its intended to be both positive and inspiring in today’s complex world were global partnerships, need for improving human understanding,

"If You Know Love" by Susan E. Eck, Songwriter/Composer

One of her most heartfelt music compositions in spoken word as it's almost a personal mirror of her own life.  A  positive reflective story-line.

"If You Know Love" video below is inspired by Power of Love.  

"Dolphin Plea" Music composition by Susan E. Eck, Composer

"Dolphin Plea," music video aim is to create additional consciousness, and more focus on Dolphin need for clean, safe waterways, and oceans.  In short less trash dump into the water causing pollution, and harm.   

The music composition by Susan E. Eck is entitled "Aqua Light aka Aqua Ambition" released on her album "Water's Wish" in 2016.

"Often" by Susan E. Eck Songwriter/Composer/Vocals in SPOKEN

"Often" is an original music composition/video by Susan E. Eck, Composer/Songwriter.

A theme is created with fresh images that render a story about first love’s, the healing from a broken heart and reflection.  The vulnerability of a person’s feelings in spoken word is heartfelt.

"SEE" Music Composition by Susan E. Eck, Songwriter/Composer

This new imaginative, experimental music composition evolves into a delightful musical story about seeing life from different preservatives, and or events that surround us.  Strings are featured to convey intensity.  This soundtrack is on her new album "Delicate" released December 2019.

"Roots" Jazz Music Composition by Susan E. Eck, Composer

"Always Have A Dream" Susan E. Eck Songwriter/Composer

"Always Have A Dream” is music composition (in spoken word) by Susan E. Eck is an enlightening in personal awareness that empowers the inward strength to dream, grow, and continue to move forward in life no matter what you encounter in life.  This encouraging story-line conveys the happiness found in the power of dreaming large, desire to learn, Love.  Especially in treating others the way you like to be treated.  A form of giving to the ones we love.  Overall positive message!!

"Cause of You" A Relaxed Jazz arrangement by Susan E. Eck, S

Inspired by my walks along the shore in Costa Rica and listening to the sound of waves.  It's natural setting  and beauty. Jazz composition.

Fantasy Voyage, Jazz Music Composition by Susan E. Eck

A magical Jazz composition that will capture your spirit of imagination, due to a delightful musical adventure into fantasy. Composed in a Jazz arrangement. The tune "Fantasy Voyage" is on"Earth's Eco" album released December 2019.   Available on "ITunes & Video on YouTube.  

"Simple Things" by Susan E. Eck, Songwriter/Composer

"Simple Things” is music composition (in spoken word) format. I express from my experience the learning benefits of nature’s lessons in life.  How nature can reveal the beauty found in the simple things, acts, and how it's the tiny moments in life that add up that count.  It’s connective powers to happiness.

"Perfectly Imperfect" Music video in spoken word

"Perfectly Imperfect” In spoken word with the  music composition unfolds into a story like revelation by its intimate, honestly shared. All caused by an imperfect approach that damages a loving relationship. By Susan E. Eck Songwriter/Music Composer

"Just Because" music video in spoken word

Check out this great video  

"Just Because", is a tender story expressed in spoken word about a major life lesson about love and unfortunate ending of a bond so dear it shatters a  human spirit for a time. With the  music composition  and vocals by Susan E. Eck.

"Go Again"Composition by Susan E. Eck,

"Go Again", In an experimental musical arrangement, with a bit of baroque influence in the arrangement, and strings featured to set the mood. Modern images used to enhance mood.